September 2011

Folk-Evening mit Two Wooden Stones


Two Wooden Stones, DE-Leipzig

... sind nicht zwei sondern vier Musiker, die ihre Leidenschaft für "Acoustic-Freak-Folk-Rock" teilen. Eine ausdrucksstarke Stimme, eine energische Akustikgitarre, ein samtener Kontrabass, ein melodisches Schlagzeug und farbenfrohe Percussion: Das sind die Zutaten für kraftvolle und eingängige Kompositionen. Beeinflusst durch Künstler wie Ben Harper, Eddie Vedder, Nick Drake, Bill Withers, Jeff Buckley und Woven Hand, experimentieren die Two Wooden Stones mit verschiedenen Stilen von Folk über Rock hin zu Weltmusik und verschmelzen diese zu einem einzigartigen, fesselnden Sound. Die Musiker bleiben dabei ihrem Motto treu: „Play acoustic, stay authentic and be passionate!“ Genau diese Mischung macht Two Wooden Stones zu einer sensationellen Live-Band. Das Feedback ist immer dasselbe: „These guys rock!“
Long Voyage, DE-Leipzig
... is the indie-folk brainchild of Nicolas Huart Moving to Leipzig Germany, a world away from his native Montreal provided the catalyst that sparked Huart to write a collection of songs eventually released as the Slow Breakfast EP in 2009 and the follow up Spring Fair EP in 2010. Accompanied by Marcus Katscher (percussions), Daniel Deichfuß (accordion & banjo) and Jörg Blumenstein (violin), Huart’s guitar and voice convey an unaffected honesty that welcomes the listener to come as they are. And while his music hangs like a question seemingly out of reach, Huart offers up no easy answers. Rather, his songs are the work of a mature songwriter who has learned the value of the journey rather than the destination.
The Say Highs, DE-Berlin
... have spent the last two years building their own studio and writing new material and are now returning to the stage in 2011. With a wonderful collection of new songs that promise to take you on an inspiring gentle journey riddled with echoes of Americana, folk, pop and a smattering of 60s legends, the band have definitely gone back to their roots. This promising Berlin band consisting of Guido Kreutzmueller, Dave McGinty, Ramin Bijan and Adrian David Krok guarantee to deliver heart-rending moments lashed with vocal harmonies which just goes to show that “yes” big cities can indeed produce first rate folk!
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Folk-Evening mit Two Wooden Stones
AK: 7 Euro
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